About Us

HYH Consulting, LLC is in the business of helping Small Business Owners.
We offer the Most Essential Small Business Services that every Business needs.
Our One-Stop Business Service provides our clients with Peace of Mind and Assurance
knowing that their Business needs are in good hands.

B. Denise Han, CFE, EA, NTPI Fellow

Rick Han, Sr. Insurance Agent

Staff list


ㆍB. Denise Han, CFE, EA, NTPI Fellow
ㆍRick Han, Sr. Insurance Agent
ㆍDaniel Ko, Accountant
ㆍJeong Choi, CPA, Attorney at Law
ㆍRachel Chang, CPA, Real Estate Broker
ㆍSean Keenan, Qualifying Broker
ㆍB. Denise Han, Real Estate Salesperson
ㆍLeslie Wong, Administrative Assistant
ㆍGisela Pearson, Executive Assistant